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    Industrial Conveyors are used for work involving transportation of heavy and bulky materials. It’s widely used in manufacturing units, heavy industries, food processing industries to name a few. There various kinds of conveyor belts use according to the need of the industries. These belts are consist of upper layer called cover, which is fabricated from rubber or plastic compound and inner layer called carcass to provide linear strength and shape. The inner layer is made of polyester, nylon or cotton. The designing of the conveyor depends upon the size, weight and shape of the items. The belt Industrial conveyor systems improve efficiency and reduce repetitive work. Available in hydraulic, mechanical and fully automated systems, designed for various industrial needs.

    Key Features:
    • Conveyors can safely transport materials from one point to another with ease; else human labor could be strenuous and expensive.
    • It can be installed almost anywhere and safe to transport.
    • They are designed with advanced safety features to prevent damage and accidents.
    • Constructed to move all shapes, sizes and weights, it is available with varieties of options for smooth operation of conveying systems.